May 2011

New Secondary School starts construction

UBC Properties Trust has now "handed the keys" to Vancouver School Board so that renovations to the old NRC Building at 16th Avenue and East Mall can begin. The building will be turned into a spectacular new home for University Hill Secondary School. The contractor engaged by VSB is now onsite commencing the renovation and expansion. The target date for the first classes in the new school is September 2012.

Acadia Road Site for new Elementary Schools In 2012, the new home for University Hill Secondary School will open in Wesbrook Place. The current site of the existing University Hill Secondary school (2896 Acadia Road) will then undergo a transformation. The existing 1950's building will be deconstructed and the site redeveloped, creating essentially two schools within a school. Kindergarten through Grade 5 will be housed in one wing, while a second wing will house Grades 6 to 8. The two schools will share core facilities to maximize learning opportunities. The first wing of the new school is scheduled to open in 2013. It is also planned that University Hill Elementary School (5395 Chancellor Blvd.) be realigned to create a Kindergarten through Grade 5 school, which is more appropriately matched to the building's capacity.

New "Acadia Start-Up School" to open in September, 2011 New elementary school facilities will open on the Acadia Road site (2896 Acadia Road) in 2013. In the meantime, the Vancouver School board will open a temporary home for the new school, on the site of Queen Elizabeth Elementary School at 4102 West 16th Avenue. Referred to as "Acadia Road Start-Up School", this facility will allow the students, teachers and staff of the future Acadia Road school to assemble as a community two years prior to the new school building being available. Elementary students living on UBC campus, who are currently attending classes at a variety of West Side schools, will have the option to attend the Start-Up School this September. Staff at University Hill Elementary School (5395 Chancellor Blvd.) is able to provide information to families living at UBC, outlining enrollment options for fall 2011.

The existing school bus program will be revised to provide capacity to transport students from UBC campus neighbourhoods to the temporary home of the Start-Up School at Queen Elizabeth Elementary. Details of the revised school bus program will be available later this summer.