April 2011

Housing Plan Approved

The master plan for Wesbrook Place has undergone some recent changes. In December 2011 the UBC Board of Governors approved revisions to the Wesbrook Place Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that Wesbrook Place becomes a thriving mixed-use hub of activity on the UBC campus.

Previously, in 2009 the Board of Governors had made a decision to preserve UBC Farm through transfer of development density. The revisions to the Neighbourhood Plan have incorporated some of that density transfer onto the remaining building sites in Wesbrook Place. Sites that had been previously designated for low-density townhouses will now be earmarked for apartment buildings. Most will be up to 6-storeys, and some sites, mostly along the eastern edge of the neighbourhood, are now designated for taller buildings similar to the existing residences at "The Wesbrook" and "Sage". The former BC Research lands have also been included in the neighbourhood. Additional park space and road extensions, along with another school site are provided in the plan.

A principle inherent in the plan amendments is that the size of community at Wesbrook Place needs to be sufficient to support a wide range of shops and services, along with schools, parks and community centre facilities. The amendments will accommodate a future population of 12,000 people to ensure that Wesbrook Village is a vital community heart for the residents of campus neighbourhoods. Full completion of the neighbourhood will take from 10-15 years, at roughly the same pace as building has been occurring to date.