March 2013

University Barbershop: Tradition. Today.

There's something truly special about a real, old-school barbershop. It's a longstanding tradition - a guy thing. A place to get together with other guys from the block, talk about neighbourhood goings-on, politics, the big game. Connect with men from every generation. Just connect with what it means to be a man. The classic barbershop is deeply etched into our popular consciousness, from old New York gangster movies to Nike ads with Lebron James. And that image is as iconic and unmistakable as the twirling barbershop column.

University Barbershop, now open at 3329 Wesbrook Mall in Wesbrook Village, is a proud inheritor of this tradition. In fact, their tagline - "Tradition. Today." - articulates the elemental appeal, and long heritage, of this concept. This is a man's barbershop, a place to sit back like Lebron, and get a cut, shave, beard trim - or just hang back and catch up with your buddies

Old school barbering is definitely back, too. Fades, buzz cuts, and other classic barbershop styles are very much in right now. And Joey, your friendly neighbourhood barber at UBS, offers "the best fade in BC" (this according to Brennan Cuff, owner of UBS - nice to have that kind of calibre here in Wesbrook!).

Reception from the neighbourhood has been excellent. A barbershop is yet another business, like so many others that have been added recently, that makes this place feel that much more like a complete neighbourhood.

And that, friends, is how tradition passes from one generation to the next. Swing down to UBS soon for a cut, a shave, or just to say hi. It's just one more way to connect with the people down here - and look your absolute best at the same time.