September 2013

Earth Science Building: A CLT Pioneer

UBC's Earth Sciences Building (ESB) was one of the first buildings to use Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in North America. Designed and installed by BC's Structurlam, the 24,000 square of 5ply CLT used at ESB was also Structurlam's first significant Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structure. Made from multiple layers of wood, CLT is a state of the art solid cross laminated timber panel that is ideal for floor, wall, and roof systems making it the perfect structural solution. Because of its cross-layered construction, CLT boasts environmental benefits such as reduced carbon footprint and it's the only fully renewable heavy duty building material.

The Earth Sciences Building was critical in getting CLT established in commercial construction and continues to be one of the most heavily toured timber structures in North America. Since its completion in September 2012, Structurlam has supplied nearly 40 buildings with CLT in Canada, the US and China.