February 2014

Prodigy: Bright Promise in Built Forms

At Wesbrook Village, we embrace an unmistakably West Coast ethos of community design: fully connected to nature, and rooted in the best of modern architecture and urban planning. Indeed, that dual focus is at the very core of this neighbourhood.

Adera is a longtime development partner at Wesbrook; they've helped to build this community, literally. Every building they've constructed here exemplifies this dual focus on nature and design. In fact, Adera has codified the whole idea with their philosophy: Live West Coast, a value system that, according to Adera, is "more than just yoga or sushi, but a philosophy deeply rooted in our organization that affects what we build and where we build it."

A new project arriving at Wesbrook Village, Prodigy, will be a culmination of that philosophy in action. With 10 preceding Adera projects in this area, Prodigy stands for a lot of accumulated experience.

"Prodigy will be the best building we've ever built," says Eric Andreasen, vice-president of marketing and sales for Adera. "We've taken what we learned from our past projects at UBC and put it all into Prodigy."

The 188-home community overlooks Mundell Park, which is a great position. And the design is calibrated to foster connections to that green space, very much in keeping with Wesbrook Village values. In the homes, giant windows, patios, and enormous roof decks (the largest Adera has ever built) are meant to fuse living spaces with Wesbrook's famous natural setting.

Adera is known for a pretty high feature spec, and we're told that Prodigy will pull out all the stops. Thus, gas cooktops, Kohler fixtures, and obviously a lot of other swank details abound. (And like all Adera projects, the homes will offer full personalization through their i.D. By Me program.)

We're excited to see a longtime partner bringing what looks like another great building into Wesbrook Village. Ask around: people who live at Sail and other area buildings will attest to Adera's quality. We're glad to have them in the neighbourhood.

For more information, visit www.adera.com.