July 2015

Building Excitement: Two brilliant new additions to UBC Campus

At UBC, when it comes to architecture, we are spoiled indeed. Surrounded by masterful West Coast buildings like the MOA, the Chan Centre, the new tennis centre, and the Beaty Museum - not to mention our very own Wesbrook Community Centre - it's easy to take great architecture in stride. Two new buildings, in the academic hub on the north end of campus, will be hard not to notice, and they promise to add a lot to UBC life.

The Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre is a true rarity - a centre devoted expressly to alumni, giving UBC grads old and new a place to gather and enjoy the campus community. The building is absolutely stunning - you must see it for yourself. And if you're a grad, even more so: there's a screen at the front entrance at which you can look up your photo from your graduating class.

The old Student Union Building was at the heart of campus life for many - although it had certainly seen its day. The new centre, named The Nest, promises a major upgrade for students. At five storeys and 250,000 square feet, the Nest is a 50% increase from the previous building. (A three-storey climbing wall says it all.) There's even an art gallery in the building.