September 2015

OUR COMMUNITY CENTRE UNVEILED: Wesbrook Community Centre Now Open!

One of the highlights at last month's Wesbrook Village Festival was an advance peek at our new community centre. Anticipation and excitement around the new facility was already high, but after the early look, the consensus was clear: this place exceeds all our expectations.

AThe building itself is beautiful, with an unmistakably original West Coast feel. Bright wood everywhere, and gorgeous sightlines that complement the neighbourhood. At 30,000 square feet on two floors, it's a soaring space, which includes a fitness centre, a beautiful gymnasium, breakout spaces for clubs, music and dance, arts and culture events, as well as rooms for camps and activities for kids (it's a great space for birthday parties, in fact). Indeed, the building is truly meant for everyone, with UNA programs and activities for toddlers, kids, adults, and seniors - from basketball and volleyball, to pilates and Zumba, to language and cooking classes. So even if you live outside of the UBC area, it's a major new resource for the region. See the program guide at for details (the new Wesbrook Community Centre is managed by the University Neighbourhoods Association), and register today for something that calls to you!

Come on by and see how you can make the new Wesbrook Community Centre a part of your life.