February 2013

Careville Health Now Open
At Home with Healthy Living

Wesbrook is all about a balanced, healthy life. This neighbourhood was founded on a holistic vision where every facet works together for a rare quality of life. Which is why Careville Health, our new integrated pharmacy and medical clinic, is such a perfect fit in this community.

Careville is a very smart concept in medical care. In this fresh new clinic model, physicians, naturopaths, nutritionists, and pharmacists all work together under one roof, offering a more integrated, responsive approach to patient health. The approach seeks to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative medicine. It also fosters a long term, meaningful relationship between staff and patients, right here in Wesbrook.

There are so many reasons why an integrated medical clinic and pharmacy makes sense for everyone. For one, having a pharmacist and your physician consult closely with one another minimizes minor miscommunications between the pharmacy, patients, and doctors - an all too common occurrence. With pharmacists and doctors under the same roof, any questions can be cleared up right away, sometimes avoiding serious problems.

It goes much further than that, though. With both naturopathic medicine and nutrition education also offered in house, Careville offers a truly comprehensive strategy for neighbourhood health. Naturopathic medicine is a coordinated approach to primary health-care, individualized to each patient. Naturopathic doctors search for and treat the root cause of illness while also emphasizing preventative health. Naturopathic doctors have extensive training in conventional health sciences and diagnostics, in addition to a full complement of natural therapies and non-invasive techniques. They treat both chronic and acute illnesses, employing a broad range of disciplines including nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, lifestyle counseling, and much more.

At Careville, naturopathic medicine works closely with other disciplines, so that prevention, root-cause treatment, traditional medical care, and pharmaceutical expertise are all addressed in tandem. The result is a complete insight into patient's long-term health that is truly rare. It's like a true neighbourhood doctor, only much better. And it's just around the corner.

The clinic is very community minded, as well. They'll be hosting a number of nutrition workshops with UBC students, high school students, and other schools within the Vancouver area, called their Nutri-Care program, with notable nutrition educators. Careville also intends to hold workshops for seniors and families here at Wesbrook, on nutrition and good health in everyday life.

Careville also carries a wide selection of homeopathic medicine and natural health products.

A great doctor takes every factor into consideration, and treats patient health as a whole. Funny - that's also the philosophy behind Wesbrook. With Careville open right here in the community, we'll be that much better equipped to live a full and balanced life - right here at home.