October 2012

True Taiwan Taste - Only Better!
Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Now Open

Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle is a truly singular phenomenon. The more we learn about it, the more excited we are that it's coming to Wesbrook Village. And we're thrilled to announce that Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle will be open in Wesbrook Village at the end of October!

There's no better food for cold weather - Chef Hung's wonderful beef broth warms the bones with every bite. But this is a lot more that just a hot soup. Chef Hung's soup base has garnered countless international awards for its unique quality and subtle flavour. Chef Hung developed the broth himself with real beef bone, combined with a proprietary special sauce. One taste, and you know you're in very different territory; even other Taiwanese beef noodle dishes don't have the same clear, aromatic beef taste.

Chef Hung's flagship beef noodle dish is also fully customizable, with four different noodle types (including gluten-free rice and bean-paste vermicelli noodles), three different broth types (original beef, clear beef, and tomato), and three different meats (including shank, brisquet, and tripe). The meat, tender and aromatic, is another quality that differentiates Chef Hung's recipe. Hungry yet? We were too.

Chef Hung's menu goes a lot further than just beef noodles, too. The menu offers snacks, small dishes and side dishes, all in a classic Taiwan culinary style. Even true Taipei bubble tea is covered: Cha-Time, a leading bubble tea brand (usually only available in stand alone stores) is on the menu.

All told, it's the most authentic Taiwanese experience you'll find outside of Taipei (and between us, many would say the noodles are a lot better).

The formula has been a recipe for success for Chef Hung. Currently, the company has restaurants in California, Beijing, Taipei, Richmond, and Vancouver and they're continually exploring cities ready for further locations.

Wesbrook Village was a natural choice for Chef Hung's newest location. The neighbourhood's emphasis on sustainable, high-tech, high-end community living fits perfectly with where Chef Hung wants to take the business. In fact, Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle will be exploring a number of pilot initiatives at Wesbrook Village that they will plan to then extend to other stores.

Yet another like-minded soul finding a good home at Wesbrook Village. We hope you'll get down here soon for some of these noodles, too. But a warning: from what we hear, once you taste Chef Hung's award-winning noodles, you'll never be satisfied with anything else.