August 2012

The Menchie's Now Open in Wesbrook Village

Menchie's at Wesbrook Village has been absolutely abuzz this summer. No surprise there: the unique frozen yogurt concept is the perfect pit stop for summer fun. The concept is so much fun. Making your own Sunday - choosing your yogurt, toppings, and sauce every time - means you choose from an almost infinite variety of options and combinations. It's such a brilliant way to make the frozen yogurt experience your own - and everyone wants to keep tweaking their formula.

Menchie's must be doing something right. The company is the fastest growing food franchise in the United States, and the largest self-serve frozen yogurt company in the world. Their mission statement is simple: "We make you smile." And with a bright, fun, family oriented space, a cute mascot, and close attention to all the details, smiles definitely do abound here.

It's a healthier option, too. Menchie's uses high quality milk to make their yogurt - no harmful growth hormones here. Their product line boasts gluten-free, vegan, and no high fructose corn syrup options and they strive to use natural flavors including real cake, cookies, spices, fruits and nuts for their toppings.

And that's where the real fun lies - in the sheer variety of options for yogurt and toppings. The spread varies at each location all the time, but the roster has basically everything you can imagine. Fruit includes all the old favourites like berries and peaches and strawberries, but also brand-new options like pomegranate, figs, and mango. And candies really get wild, with gummies, smores, cheescake pieces, and tons more. One thing is for sure: every time you come, you're always in for a surprise.

And here at Wesbrook, with a nice little patio right out on the avenue, it's the perfect treat on a warm summer evening. Hope to see you down here soon!