BCR 5 & 6

The largest residential project in our portfolio to date, BCR 5 & 6 will feature two 6-storey faculty & staff rental buildings and an 18-storey market rental tower made up of 515 total units and located at the BC Research Parcel in Wesbrook Place.

Reflecting Wesbrook’s connection with nature, the colours, design, and materials will take inspiration from the surrounding landscape. The central courtyard will flow into a neighbourhood park, fostering connections among building residents and the wider community. The two 6-storey buildings will step down to four storeys next to the park to enhance the visual connection to it, while the orientation maximizes sunlight in the homes and courtyard.

BCR 5 & 6 will transform the lives of 515 families and enable UBC faculty & staff to cut their work commute and contribute to a sustainable future.