The ever-evolving commercial landscape of UBC Point Grey’s neighbourhoods

UBC Point Grey is an ideal place to live with everything you need within walking distance, making running errands and enjoying leisure time an effortless endeavour.

Since 2005, UBC Properties has been building the Wesbrook Place neighbourhood according to the Neighbourhood Plan set in place by UBC. It outlines specific requirements for the neighbourhoods at UBC, including sustainability initiatives, parks and playgrounds, schools, roads, community facilities, density, and design guidelines for buildings, roads, and greenways.

Shops, services, and eateries are all a part of creating a vibrant, diverse community that draws visitors and people looking for a new neighbourhood to call home. These spaces are part of UBC Properties’ portfolio under Wesbrook Properties. We hand-select the commercial tenants at Wesbrook Place, University Boulevard, and the Tech District, leasing them out to businesses that will meet the needs of residents, visitors, and staff in the area. Everything from gift shops, bakeries, grocery stores, and restaurants, to beauty salons, health and wellness clinics, tutoring centres, and banks can be found within walking distance of residential neighbourhoods, shaping a bustling place humming with life.

UBC Point Grey and its offerings are continually growing and evolving to meet the needs of residents. We recently welcomed three new eateries to Wesbrook Village: Nicli Antica Pizzeria, which serves up authentic Neopolitan pizza certified straight from Naples, Sports Illustrated Clubhouse, featuring elevated West Coast cuisine, and Big Star Sandwich that piles its hearty sandwiches high with slow-roasted meat, housemade sauces, and fixings.

UBC Point Grey seamlessly integrates convenience, sustainability, and vibrant community living with new establishments and enhanced amenities. Our commitment to creating an exceptional living experience resonates throughout the residences and community features as an ever-changing, thoughtfully designed place that exceeds the expectations of the residents who call it home.

Image courtesy of Browns Social House