Our Role at UBC

Our Role at UBC

We are always building.

We build the endowment, homes, innovative spaces, and infrastructure that all provide for the academic and residential communities at UBC Point Grey and Kelowna.

Over the years, UBC has further employed our experience, expanding our role. These include:

Neighbourhood Development

Building a residential community with homes, retail, shops and services, greenways, parks, community gardens and supporting infrastructure according to the UBC Land Use Plan and Neighbourhood Plans


Negotiating and leasing assigned lots to third-party developers to build condominium homes

Project Management

Project managing new institutional developments valued over $5M or as required

Real Estate Advisor

Advising UBC on real estate opportunities and acquiring property for its future growth


Increasing awareness of living at UBC Point Grey

Property Management

Leasing and maintaining market and faculty & staff rental homes and buildings; leasing commercial retail spaces

Our History

This is the story of UBC Properties Trust – how a parcel of land was repurposed to support one of the country’s best universities and how that university has, in turn, shaped us.

Photo courtesy of UBC Archives Photography Collection