Wesbrook Spaces & Thoroughfares

Healthy communities need parks. And healthy parks need people. These third spaces offer naturalistic respite from work or school and safe places for families to play and learn outside of their homes.

UBC Properties Trust takes great pride in building and maintaining all of our parks.

For years, Wesbrook Place has been home to hundreds of species of plants and trees, wildlife and nearly 8,000 residents. And all three populations continue to grow.

Conceived through careful planning, Wesbrook Place was designed to seamlessly connect public spaces and foster recreation throughout the community. Since its adoption in 2005, this vision has come to life, with a verdant network of parks and greenways integrated into the residential neighbourhood.

Balanced Growth

The design of the neighbourhood thoughtfully balances roadways and green spaces, with high-rise apartments flanking the roads and low-rise buildings offering access to the serene greenways. This layout encourages residents to move about the neighbourhood using pedestrian-friendly paths, enhancing the sense of community and promoting an active lifestyle.

Not settling for the neighbourhood limits, we also connected the Wesbrook greenways with the vast trails of Pacific Spirit Park. These connections blend urban living and natural beauty together, inviting residents to explore their surroundings that lie just beyond their doorsteps.

Sustainable Living

Sustainability is the heart of Wesbrook Place. Guided by UBC’s Sustainability Action Plans, the neighbourhood incorporates green infrastructure features throughout its parks and greenways. Khorana Park and Smith Park are prime examples, with their innovative rainwater management systems. By collecting rainwater from nearby buildings, aerating it in water channels, and directing it into a pond for recirculation, these parks act as a link between nature and sustainability. Additionally, Wesbrook Place maintains water levels through the aquifer by pumping from it during the warmer months and recharging it in wet months. Any overflow is directed to a detention pond to keep the volume and quality of water released to downstream drainage pipes and Booming Ground Creek at pre-development levels.



Honouring UBC’s legacy, Wesbrook Place features spaces and thoroughfares named after distinguished UBC alumni, including revered Nobel Prize winners. These names not only pay tribute to academic excellence but also serve as a reminder of the rich heritage that permeates the neighbourhood.

Two fine examples are Frank Wesbrook Square and Norman McKenzie Square. These central spaces invite residents to unwind, people-watch, and enjoy leisurely picnics. Adorned with public seating and charming water fountains, these provide stages for community spirit, especially during festive times of year.

Wesbrook Place is a testament to the power of thoughtful community planning, sustainability, and legacy. It is more than just a place to reside—it’s a habitat to celebrate the coexistence of nature, innovation, and the human spirit. By definition, it is truly vital.