Webber Lane waterway leakage and repair

The Webber Lane waterway in the Wesbrook neighbourhood, running from Mundell Park to Nobel Park, is a significant neighbourhood feature, primarily sourcing its water from rainfall with domestic water supply used for top-up only.

Significantly increased water demand suggested an issue, and in 2022, UBC Properties Trust conducted a comprehensive investigation which involved draining the channel and testing for leaks during dry weather. Once leak areas were identified, scheduling repairs was challenging due to unavailable contractors and inconsistent weather; completing them in winter was not possible. Repair work could not begin until spring 2023.

Prior to repair commencement, UBC Properties hired a biologist to inspect the area to ensure wildlife habitat was not disrupted. Tadpoles were found in the waterway, thus the repair work was delayed until late summer 2023. It was completed by October. Autumn leaves needed to be cleared from the waterway before refilling the waterway for testing the repairs could begin.

In early December 2023, testing results confirmed repairs to the initial problem areas were successful, however, it has been determined there is another issue causing continued increased water demand, prompting a further investigation. The waterway’s underground mechanical system is complex and thus requires comprehensive work involving engaging multiple contractors and consultants to conduct detailed multi-step testing of each component, such as the pipes and mechanical pump equipment, to determine the cause.

Once a full review is complete, a schedule for reopening the waterway can be developed and communicated. A biologist will ensure investigation and repair work does not interfere with the upcoming tadpole breeding season. If work is not resolved on time, the BC Wildlife Act will be followed.

UBC Properties is committed to reopening the waterway as soon as possible and appreciates your continued patience while resolving this issue.